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Quality Wood Pellets Made from 100% Sawdust TG Quantum Sdn. Bhd.

Quality Wood Pellets Made from 100% Sawdust TG Quantum Sdn. Bhd.

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We started our business on wood waste collecting and reprocessing in late 90's. And we are now one of the major suppliers of tropical mixed hardwood pellets and sawdust in the region. Our products were mainly used by the industrial sector as biomass fuels and green energy sectors which include power plant.

Today, we are operating in an industrial area near to Port Klang – the largest port in Malaysia. Our factory is well equipped with all necessary machineries and equipments with capacity truck fleet and storage facilities which is large enough to keep wood waste material stocks up to 5,000 metric tones at any one time. Upon realizing the rapid growing demand for wood base biomass fuels in the global market, we have decided to further expand our production facilities which includes other states in Malaysia. At the present moment our clientele includes those countries who are members to the Kyoto Protocol.

Being operating on a business that we are most familiar with for more than a decade, at such a strategic location, and with sufficient source of material supply, we are confident that we can cope with our customer’s increasing demand for the years to come.

Thus, we will do the best on our part to ensure that our products and service are always at its best quality and we look forward to cooperating with buyers form local and overseas to create mutual benefit for all parties concerned.

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